Call for Internship

Research on terror prosecution in India

Quill is now accepting applications for its internship program. We seek enthusiastic people committed to human rights, with willingness to interact with others, and a desire to increase their hands-on experience of social and legal issues.

Our work revolves around research on some of the most persistent socio-legal issues of our times. Hence, if you are interested in following up some of the most interesting cases of today, understanding how law works as well as evolves, and writing and collating data about it, write to us at, LHRC@quill Foundation.

Where we work

Quill has two offices presently- one in Delhi, and the other in Mumbai. The work, however, is spread across India. Those with working knowledge of regional languages are encouraged to apply.

Who can apply

Students of law or undergraduate students with some experience/understanding of the law will be preferred.

How to apply Apply Online

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